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At The Torque Team, we have the skills, knowledge and equipment to quickly and accurately diagnose almost any engine problem.

  • With our Snap-On Verdict scan tool we can plug directly into your car’s on-board computer for an instant read on any stored codes or faults.  The tool also enables us to perform advanced functions like shutting down individual cylinders to help identify fuel system faults, testing individual sensors and recoding replacement fuel injectors. Our subscription with Snap-On ensures we always have the latest software. This provides us with FACTORY LEVEL coverage for 49 different makes with over 4.9 million codes, tests, tips and data for 1981 to current year models.
  • We subscribe to not one, but two vehicle technical information services: Autodata Australia and OurAuto Tech Advisory.  This gives us instant on-line access to car makers’ technical information for 142 manufacturers and over 34,000 different models, or 99% of all vehicles on the road. Vital information like fault code analysis, wiring diagrams and timing procedures are only a few mouse clicks away.  And if it isn’t online, OurAuto has a library of over 70,000 factory manuals that we can access with just a phone call.
  • We have our own cylinder head pressure test machine.  This allows us to bench test cylinder heads, EGR coolers and water to oil oil coolers under the same conditions they experience in your car.  This means we can find minute cracks or failures in these components that may not show up during a routine visual inspection.
  • We also have other specialist equipment like compression testers and bore scopes that allow us to assess the condition of your engine’s cylinders and pistons; our cooling system pressure tester helps us diagnose cooling system faults and our Tee-Kay head check combustion leak detector aids with the diagnosis of cylinder head and head gasket failures.
  • And if we can’t test it ourselves, we have access to a network of specialist who can test anything from the condition of your radiator through to the state of your diesel injector pump and fuel injectors.

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