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The Torque Team. Your premium independent mechanic in Mansfield: So, why are we the best mechanics to look after your car air-conditioner?

GOLD STANDARD A/C SERVICE: No shortcuts! Keep yourself cool and comfortable all summer long! We all hate a hot and stuffy car, especially during Brisbane’s hot and humid summers.  So it makes sense to have your car air-conditioner serviced by a mechanic who will do the job properly.  At The Torque Team, our gold standard A/C re-gas and service includes:

  • Recovering all the gas from the A/C system. The recovered gas is measured, filtered, dried and stored for re-use.
  • Creating a deep vacuum in the system.  Moisture is the biggest killer of A/C systems and this process removes any moisture that may present.
  • Testing the system for leaks.
  • Assuming there are no leaks, re-gassing the system with R134a refrigerant, along with a little lubricating oil treated with a UV dye.  The purpose of the oil is to provide lubrication for the compressor, and the dye is to help us find any leaks, should one develop in the future.
  • If the system fails the leak test, or won’t work for some other reason, then we’ll diagnose the fault and provide you with a written report and a quote for repairs.
  • Please note that it is illegal in Australia to re-gas a leaking A/C system.  So if you’ve brought your car in for a re-gas and we diagnose a leak, it will have to be repaired before it can be re-gassed.

ONLY PREMIUM BRANDS: We use only top quality components from manufacturers such as Denso, Jayair and Jayrad.  And for European cars we also offer a choice of premium products from Behr Hella, Valeo and Pierburg.

WE’RE NOT JUST TALK: We back all our work with a 12 month/20,000 km warranty.

GOT A QUESTION? Speak directly to the mechanic who worked on your car. Just ask when you call or visit.


How often should I have my A/C system serviced?

We recommend servicing your A/C system at least once every two years, even if the gas volume is still OK and the system seems to be operating normally. A complete re-gas and service will provide the system with fresh lubricating oil for the compressor and remove damaging moisture and contaminates, extending the life of your system.

Why does my car air-conditioner need re-gassing?

There is really only one reason that your car A/C needs re-gassing: The system no longer works properly because too much refrigerant gas has leaked out.  But there can be a number of reasons for a leak:

  • All automotive A/C systems will leak some gas over time.  The combination of a relatively high vibration environment and o-ring sealed joints means that some gas loss is inevitable.  An acceptable leakage rate is usually around 5% per year.
  • Seal failure. Most commonly at one the of the o-ring sealed joints or less commonly, at the main compressor seal.
  • There is a hole in one of the other main A/C system components.  For example, condensers (which are usually mounted just in front of the radiator) can be damaged by road debris, or evaporators (in the cabin of the car) can corrode or break.

What else can cause the A/C system to fail?

Other than gas leaks, the other most common failures we see are compressor failures, sticky TX valves and/or blocked receiver/dryers.

A/C compressors pump the refrigerant gas around the A/C system.  So obviously, if the gas isn’t being pumped around between the condenser and the evaporator, the system won’t work.

TX valves control the flow of refrigerant gas through the system, so if they stick closed or partially closed, there won’t be enough gas flow for the system to work properly.

Receiver/dryers are basically a filter to remove moisture and other contaminates from the A/C system.  Like any filter, there is a limit as to how much they can filter out before becoming partially blocked, restricting effective gas flow.

Should I run my air-conditioner in winter?

Yes!  Operating the system at least once a week will keep the seals and o-rings lubricated and moist, helping to prevent gas leaks and extending seal life.

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