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How to make horsepower: The basic principles

Making horsepower Making more horsepower can sometimes sound like a black art. The engine builder weaves his magic during the build, and out pops a hundred extra horses! But it isn't. Making power is about science. Mostly physics, with a little bit of chemistry thrown...

Our most difficult engine restoration yet!

 It came from one of the rarest of grey imports from the early 1990s. There was not one locally available part. Yet we were able to fully rebuild and restore this engine back to its former glory. But it certainly wasn’t easy… The engine is a four cylinder Ford 2.3L...

Mazda CX-7 R2 Engine Failure

This must be one of the most interesting (and unluckiest)engine failures we’ve seen in the workshop for a while… We recently received this 2012 Mazda R2 diesel engine into the workshop for a rebuild. It wouldn’t turn over and had obviously seized up. So we bolted it...

Holden Monaro LS1 Performance Build

With this build we achieved 370 RWHP with just a mild cam, a top-quality tune and the existing headers and air intake mods already on the car. This a great example of how you can get a drivable and flexible performance package. Just by starting with a good quality...

Fiat Ducato – Broken Valve

We recently received into the workshop an F1AE0481D Iveco engine that lately resided in a Fiat Ducato van.  The engine was removed by the owner’s mechanic in Mittagong and sent to us for repair.  Advice from the mechanic was that the engine would turn over partway in...

Nissan Navara ZD30 Engine Failure

  We recently received a 2004 Nissan Navara into the workshop. The customer was concerned about coolant consumption, as he was topping it up with about 100 ml of coolant per day. Other than a little smoke on start-up, the vehicle ran perfectly well. We tested the...


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