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The Torque Team. Your premium independent mechanic in Mansfield. So, why are we the best mechanics to look after your classic car?

We just love classic cars. Classic Aussie Holdens, Fords and Chryslers, American muscle cars, Japanese beauties or European classics, we love them all.  We have the same passion for your classic car that you do!

We listen. Every classic car owner has a unique vision for their car.  Some want to keep it exactly as it rolled out of the factory, others want it specially modified for performance or handling, and some want their classic to drive like a modern.  At The Torque Team, we take the time to understand our classic car customers, so we can deliver exactly to their expectations.

We take the time to do the job properly.  Because of their age, classics need that extra bit of special attention to get them to their best.  Each car is unique and individual, some have been modified in peculiar ways, other are limited production runs or their owners have a special vision for their car.  At The Torque Team, each job is carefully planned and executed to ensure we deliver to our customer’s expectations.

We’re great at sourcing parts.  To most mechanics, hard to get parts are a hassle. To us, it’s a challenge, and one we almost always win!  And if we can’t find the exact part we need, then we’ll come up with a working substitution that’s at least as good as the original.

Classic car questions and answers

Do you provide quotes for your work?

With older cars, you never quite know what you are getting yourself in for.  Parts that look serviceable on first inspection may end up need replacing, sometimes old parts break on removal and sometimes they seize in place.  On other occasions, fixing one fault may reveal another. For this reason, we don’t quote our work on classic cars.  But we will do our best to provide you with a reasonable estimate and keep you informed as the job progresses.

Does it take a long time?

Most of the time, jobs are completed promptly.  But sometimes when, we have to source a particularly difficult to find part or come up with a solution to a particularly difficult problem, jobs can take longer than expected.  If this happens to your car, we’ll do our best to keep you informed and get and job done as quickly as possible.

Do you back your work?

Yes! Our standard 12 month/20,000km conditional warranty applies to all our work at The Torque Team, including classic cars.

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