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At The Torque Team, we have a different approach to building performance engines…

We don’t do crate engines or built to order engine packages.  We won’t try to sell you an angry monster when you really want a mild street cruiser. Nor will we try to sell you a kitten when you really want a lion. Instead, we start each job with a blank sheet of paper, sit down and actually listen to what you want and then build the engine that’s right for you. Everyone’s different, so all our engines are different too.

We’re different in other ways too. We’re not just about making a horsepower number, we’re all about reliability. That means we pay attention to the minor details that make the difference between a good engine and a really great engine. Things like using only top-quality brand name components; blue printing every engine we build to make sure all the critical clearances are exactly right; carefully de-burring all machined edges, even the little things like piston rings and locks; setting, checking and rechecking the valve train to until we’re 100% confident it’s correct and tapping oil galleries for threaded plugs, just to make sure those plugs stay there.

We also have another point of difference. We use our experience to recommend the combination of components that’s right for your engine and the outcome you’re after, so you get the performance and reliability you’re looking for. Camshaft will be matched to valve train, cylinder head, manifold and carby or throttle body. Pistons will be the right ones for your application: if we think you’ll need custom made forged pistons, that’s what we’ll recommend. But if we think you’ll be OK with a quality cast piston, we’re happy to recommend those as well. Ultimately, what we’re about is doing the right thing for the customer. Not what’s best for us, not the cheapest, but the best for you.

Finally, we are completely transparent. All our customers are welcome to inspect their engine at any time during the build. And every part is invoiced by brand and part number so every customer can see exactly what they are paying for.

All this makes us more expensive. Especially when compared to high volume crate engines that roll off a production line in Mexico or come from a workshop more interested in volume than quality. But we reckon we’re worth it.  Here’s what one of our customers had to say:

Hello to all. I am the proud owner of two classic American cars, and discovered The Torque Team around two or so years ago. At that time, I was in real need of finding a first class, honest, reliable, quality and professional company to look after the regular servicing and repairs to my classic vehicles.

In that regard, I am pleased to say, I did indeed find the right company. Paul is the Owner/ Manager of The Torque Team, and runs a team of friendly, caring, well trained and very professional men who cover a wide variety of automotive works on many different types of vehicles, both older and modern. In my dealings with Paul and The Torque Team, I cannot speak highly enough of how they have treated me and my cars over the years. All the boxes get ticked as far as I am concerned – full marks for attention to detail, polite, caring, and friendly to deal with, honest and don’t overcharge. They always carry out their work in a professional, quality and prompt manner, and touch base and consult with the customer if needs be throughout a job.

One event stood out, where i needed to repair my Mustang 302 V8 engine. The Torque Team also specialize in engine repairs and rebuilding to many types of vehicles.  In my case, I had been the victim of previously dealing with another engine rebuilder, who delivered a sub-standard rebuild which needed to be rectified and repaired. The Torque Team took over the job, providing me with a comprehensive and detailed report on the real condition of the engine, and set about rebuilding the motor again back to a first class, reliable and great running engine. I had complete faith and confidence that a top quality and professional rebuild had been completed married with a full 12 month warranty on the rebuild. Many thanks to Paul and his great team.

That all said, and based on my own experience, I would be very happy to recommend The Torque Team to anyone in need of any automotive work and servicing of their own vehicles. This is a genuine testimonial, and I can be contacted privately if verification is ever needed. Thanks Torque Team, and keep up the good works!

Greg Sladen

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