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A failing engine is not the end of your car, not if you come to The Torque Team to get it reconditioned.

At The Torque Team we have decades of experience in engine reconditioning, which means we can fix almost any engine with almost any problem.

We offer a complete drive-in/drive-out service, and if your vehicle can’t make it to our workshop, we can arrange for a truck to pick it up from any location in the greater Brisbane area for a small fee.

A failed engine doesn’t have to be the end of your car, we can help, so give us a call. We’ll take the time to listen to your problem, and provide you with a comprehensive written quote listing all the work and all the possible parts we are proposing for your reconditioned engine. 

Once you’ve accepted the quote, the general process of repairing your engine is as follows:

  1. We receive your vehicle, and carry out a basic diagnostic assessment
  2. Then we remove the engine from the vehicle
  3. The engine is disassembled and the engine parts are thoroughly cleaned
  4. After cleaning, we measure, check and assess the engine components
  5. We then machine the engine and order parts based on our previous assessment
  6. The engine is then reassembled, and we carry out a confirmatory testing during the assembly process
  7. If the testing is successful, we reinstall the engine into your vehicle
  8. We test the engine again, and if it meets our requirements, we return it to you

Here are some frequently asked questions about engine reconditioning:

Q. What is engine reconditioning?
A. Engine reconditioning is when the main engine components either fail or wear out, and are either renewed by machining, or replaced with new parts.

Q. Why are engines reconditioned?
A. Engines are reconditioned when they are damaged to the point of failure, or become excessively worn.

Q. How can an engine be damaged to the extent that it needs to be reconditioned?
A. Some common causes are:

  • Failure of the vehicle’s cooling system causes the engine to overheat.
  • Oil starvation caused by insufficient oil in the engine, or a failure of the engine’s lubrication system.
  • The timing belt or chain breaks, resulting in broken valves and damaged pistons.
  • The failure of another critical component, such as a conrod or crankshaft. Critical component failures are often caused by inappropriate modifications or over-revving the engine.

Q. What components are replaced?
A. We replace the following parts on every engine we recondition:

  • All engine gaskets and seals
  • Main, conrod and thrust bearings
  • Piston rings
  • Water pump
  • Thermostat and radiator cap
  • Timing chain or belt, and associated guides and pulleys or sprockets
  • Engine oil and oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Sparkplugs and leads (petrol engines only)
  • We will almost always replace the pistons, but we may reuse the existing ones on low kilometre engines. All our engine reconditioning quotes include replacement pistons, so the final price will be lower if the existing pistons are reused.

Q. What other work is done?
A. We carry out the following work on every engine

  • Clean the injectors and induction system
  • Completely disassemble the engine and thoroughly clean every component
  • Measure and test critical components to assess whether they are suitable for reuse
  • Surface grind the cylinder heads
  • Reseat all valves and adjust valve clearances, as necessary
  • Hone the cylinders
  • Reassemble the engine, carrying out confirmatory testing along the way

Q. What other components are commonly replaced?
A. Depending on the condition of the engine, we may replace valves that are either bent or burnt-out, and or conrods that are either bent or that have been subject to excessive heat.

Q. What other work is likely to be done?
A. If the cylinders are damaged or excessively worn, we will re-bore and hone the cylinders to a slightly larger size and fit oversized pistons and rings. Similarly, if the crankshaft is damaged or excessively worn, we will regrind the crankshaft to a slightly smaller size and fit undersized main and conrod bearings.

Q. Why aren’t all the components replaced?
A. Many parts can be reused without affecting reliability or performance. We thoroughly check every part to ensure it is fit to be reused. This approach helps keep costs down to a reasonable level.

Q. Will a reconditioned engine perform the same as a new engine?
A. Yes. A properly reconditioned engine will perform the same as a new engine.

Q. Does the reconditioned engine include a warranty?
A. Yes, we offer a 12 month or 20,000km warranty, whichever comes first. Some conditions apply, so please ask for details. We warrant our workmanship and all parts supplied by us, and covers parts and labour.

We offer a 12 month/20,000km conditional warranty on all this work.

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