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Premium quality reconditioned engines: petrol and diesel, modern and classic

Premium quality reconditioned engines: petrol and diesel, modern and classic.

Need a new engine for your car or 4WD?  Don’t take a punt on some of the cheap ebay, Gumtree or wrecking yard specials you see from time to time. Get a fair dinkum premium quality reconditioned engine from The Torque Team.

So, what makes our engines the best?

  • Top quality workmanship: Our engine builders have honed their skills in the motorsport industry.  Grant with major V8 Supercar teams and John with top-flight factory motorcycle racing teams.  These guys don’t take short-cuts. Everything is measured, checked and documented to ensure you are getting an engine that not only works, but also lasts.
  • Top quality parts: We use only the best brand-name parts in our engines.  Gaskets and seals from AA Permaseal, bearings from suppliers like Clevite, King and ACL for petrol engines and NDC or Tahio for diesel engines.  Better than OE spec piston and ring sets from Endurotec or Nason for our diesel engines and in our petrol engines, pistons from Hypatec, Speedpro or Silvolite, all matched with rings from Hastings.  We follow this philosophy with each and every engine part we fit.
  • Top quality processes: Just like a race engine, we complete and maintain detailed build sheets for every engine we build.  This is how we know that every engine is rebuilt to manufacturer’s specs, and why you can rest assured that you’re buying an engine that’s going to last.
  • Top flight testing procedures:  We inspect, measure and test everything we need to during the rebuild process. Cylinder heads, crankshafts, conrods and valve train components are all checked and tested. And on diesel engines, water over oil coolers, injector pumps and injectors are also tested where these are supplied with the engine.
  • Surgical standard engine hygiene:  Our multi-step engine cleaning processes ensure all the old carbon and oil deposits, dirt and grit are removed.  Then each part is final cleaned before assembly.  This includes not only the obvious things like pistons and bearings, but also every nut, bolt and washer and everything in between. Every engine is then assembled in our climate controlled build room.

Just remember that not every “reconditioned” engine is the same.  Some cheaper builds will just whack in a new set of rings and bearings, hone the bores and refit as many of the old parts as possible.  This can include re-using the same pistons and timing chain components.  While these cheaper engines will go good for a while, they won’t last like a proper rebuild from a workshop like The Torque Team.

Other builders may short-cut the cleaning process.  They may leave carbon deposits in the cylinder head or inlet manifold, adversely affecting engine performance.  Or they may not carefully final clean every component, allowing dirt and grit to remain in the engine, causing premature wear.

The last short-cut to look out for is cheap parts.  For example, we’ve seen gasket set that sell for as little as thirteen dollars. There is no way that something this cheap is going to last like the AA Permaseal sets we use in our engines.

So just like everything else in life, you usually get what you pay for.  So when you’re after a new engine for your pride and joy, don’t take a punt on that cheap ebay special. Get one from The Torque Team that you know is going to last.

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