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Replacing head gaskets is a regular job at The Torque Team, so when you bring your car to us for a new one, you can be confident you’re in good hands.

A failing, or failed head gasket is a major problem for your engine, and can quickly lead to further engine damage if not sorted quickly. The head gasket is the most important and hardest working seal in your engine. It seals the surfaces between the cylinder block and the cylinder head, keeping combustion gases inside the engine.  And because both coolant and engine oil circulate between the block and the head, the head gasket seals these in as well.  When it starts to fail, there can be a number of symptoms, depending on the type of failure:

  • Oil in the cooling system, caused by a sealing failure between an oil gallery and a coolant gallery.  Because engine oil is under more pressure than coolant, oil enters the cooling system and turns the coolant into a milky colour. Looks a bit like a chocolate milkshake!
  • A drop in coolant levels without any visible leaks. This could be caused by a head gasket sealing failure between a coolant gallery and the combustion chamber.  Coolant enters the combustion chamber and is burnt up during the combustion process.  Other symptoms include difficult starting and/or rough idle at start-up or signs of excessive pressure in the cooling system, like swollen radiator hoses.
  • Engine oil and/or coolant leaking out between the cylinder head and the block.  A quite common problem in older Subaru engines and six-cylinder Fords.

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