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At The Torque Team, we love our Holden Sixes!

Grey, red, blue or black; stock standard or race spec, and everything in between. We build them all. And each and every engine is built to our exacting high standards:

  • Blocks and cylinder heads are always chemical cleaned and crack tested. We also crack test all conrods and crankshafts before there’re used in any of our engines. Remember, some of these engines were around when Jesus was a lad, so we want to make sure everything is in good nick.
  • Blocks are then bored and honed to next oversize, crankshafts reground and cylinder heads fully reconditioned as part of every build. Our aim isn’t to make your Holden six as good as the day it rolled out of the factory, but better!
  • All our Holden sixes are converted to run happily on unleaded as part of the rebuild process.  Hardened exhaust valve seats, new modern spec valves and where applicable, dish top pistons.
  • Every engine gets new engine bearings; pistons and rings; valves, valve springs, camshaft and lifters; camshaft drive gears; oil pump; harmonic balancer; head bolts; welch plugs and gasket and seals.  Higher spec engines get even more!
  • We use only the best quality brand name parts: Camshafts and valve train components from Crow Cams; bearings from ACL and Duraglide; pistons from Silvolite; rings from Hastings and gaskets from AA Permaseal, just to name a few. And at the end of the job, your invoice will list exactly what parts were used in your engine.

But most importantly, we take the time to listen to our customers, and build the engine that’s right for them.

We can supply our engines as bare long engines on an exchange basis, or fitted with accessories to the owner’s specifications.  Don’t want the hassle of fitting the engine yourself? No problem, we also offer a full drive-in/drive-out engine rebuild and fitting service.

So while all our engines are custom built to their owner’s specifications, here are some of our most popular examples.

Standard Spec

For those who like to keep it original….

Looks original on the outside, all new on the inside.  In addition to the work outlined above, a typical standard spec engine will receive the following treatment:

  • Sump, covers, air cleaner, block and cylinder head are stripped, prepped and repainted in original colours.  Alloy parts are sand blasted.  All new decals are applied to complete the picture.
  • We recondition the carby and fuel pump (we like the old glass bowel ones too!), fit a new fuel filter and tidy up the fuel line.
  • Recondition the distributor with new drive gear, points, condenser, rotor and cap.  Fit a new coil, plugs and leads.  Alternatively, we also fit an electronic distributor.
  • Recondition the cooling system with a new water pump; water outlet and base; thermostat; hoses and hose clamps.  Test and clean the radiator to make sure it’s in good nick, and replace it if it isn’t.

Lift the bonnet on one of these, and you’ll find an original, solid and reliable engine.

Street Performance Spec

For those looking for a bit extra….

Based on red, blue or black engines, these packages improve on both the performance and appearance of the original engine, while retaining a no-fuss drivable package.  A typical street performance engine will look something like this:

  • Sump, block and cylinder head prepped and painted in a colour of your choice. New alloy or chrome plated side covers and rocker cover.
  • A bit of extra treatment for the cylinder head, including bigger valves, opening up the inlet port throats and cleaning up the ports and bowels.
  • A street performance Crow Cams camshaft matched to the owner’s specification, along with new Crow lifters, pushrods, heavy duty valve springs, locks and retainers.
  • New carby, inlet manifold and air cleaner assembly.  We recommend a new 350 Holley for red, blue and black engines, but we can also do other carby options. For red engines we can offer combinations such as a reconditioned two barrel Stromberg or twin or triple single barrel Strombergs.  For blue and black engines we can also offer a four barrel Holley option.
  • New electronic distributor, coil, plugs and leads.

Depending on the camshaft, these engines will make power from around 1,800 rpm up to about 5,000 rpm, along with good torque and mid-range response.  Just the thing for a lively Sunday cruise.

Race Spec

For a ride on the wild side….

Typically based on blue and black engines, these packages take your Holden six to a whole new level.

  • Choice of a hand ported cast iron cylinder head with over size valves, standard Yella Terra head or hand finished Yella Terra head.  All heads are secured with an ARP head stud kit.
  • Larger Crow Cams camshaft to customer’s specification, along with Crow lifters, super duty push rods, roller rockers, guide plates, screw in studs, heavy duty springs, locks and retainers.
  • For the bottom end, ARP main studs and conrod bolts, ACL Race Series engine bearings and a Powerbond race series harmonic balancer.  We’ll also line hone the main bearing tunnel and fully balance the rotating assembly.  H-beam conrods are also an option.
  • There are a number of piston options depending on application, from cast hypereutectic through to forged, for those really high end engines.
  • There are also a number of carby options, from the ever dependable 350 Holley through to triple SU and triple Weber setups. And while we haven’t built one yet, there is also the option of a two barrel Holley Sniper EFI setup.
  • Depending on the camshaft and carby combination, these engines will make good power all the way up to almost 7,000 rpm.  Just the thing for a Saturday night racer!

Don’t see exactly what you want? Or just not sure? Give us a call or drop into the workshop.  We’d love to help you build a package that’s just right for you.

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