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Our 500 hp LS plug & play solution!

All the LS advantages without the hassle and expense of wiring up an ECU

We all understand the advantages of LS engines over other options. Lightweight aluminum construction, superior strength from its six-bolt main cap design, modern multi-coil ignition system, greater thermal efficiency and a modern sealing system that just doesn’t leak.  The perfect engine for your hot rod or project car.

But there’s always been one problem…  You need to run an ECU. And that ECU needs to be wired into both the engine and your project’s electrics.  Time consuming, expensive and a recipe for endless electrical hassles.

The Torque Team has the solution: The carbureted LS with MSD ignition controller. Drop it in your car and there are just three electrical connections to worry about: 12V power supply, ground and tach.  That’s it! The MSD controller does the rest.

You also get that super-crisp throttle response that only comes from a carbureted engine. And now that your fuel system is feeding a carb, there’s no need to install a high-pressure, fuel return EFI fuel system – further saving you both time and money.

Our Carby LS features:

  • Hypereutectic pistons and moly rings
  • High performance engine bearings
  • LS7 hydraulic lifters, super duty push rods and rocker bush trunnion kit
  • Dual valve springs with moly locks and retainers
  • Custom grind performance camshaft
  • MSD ignition controller, new genuine GM spark plugs and coils, new ignition leads
  • All new coolant, camshaft and crank angle sensors
  • Holley 750 cfm carb with fuel rail and carb spacer
  • Single plane manifold
  • Stainless steel head gaskets
  • Original GM sump with new oil pump
  • New water pump
  • Dyno break-in and base line tune

All this for only $16,900*

Want something extra? We offer a host of options:

  • Carburetor upgrades. Choose from Quick Fuel Q-Series (pictured), Quick Fuel Black Diamond or for the ultimate in looks and performance, APD billet carb and fuel rail set-up
  • Edlebrock coil covers (pictured)
  • Two-pack paint options in almost any colour of your choice
  • Edlebrock dual plane manifold with ignition controller mount (pictured)
  • Custom fitted MSD ignition leads (pictured) that will clear almost any headers on the market
  • Areoflow and Moroso (pictured) oil pans and pick-ups to fit most vehicles
  • Alternator and drive belt system (pictured)
  • A wide variety of air cleaners

Call us for pricing and details

Don’t see what you want? We can custom build an engine to meet almost any requirement.  Call us now to discuss your specific needs.

*Quoted price does not include headers, freight or listed options.

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