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At The Torque Team, we’re not just about bolt-on performance. Sure, you can swap out the camshaft for something a bit (or a lot) more aggressive, bolt on a ported set of heads or even add some forced induction. But optimal engine performance isn’t about adding a bit here or changing a component there, it’s about finding the right combination of components to achieve the desired performance outcome.


Another thing we’re seeing is customers with older high-mileage vehicles spending big money on camshafts and tuning upgrades. They’re expecting good results, only to be let down by low compression in a couple of cylinders, low oil pressure or annoying oil leaks. Or even worse, a bottom end failure brought on by the extra stress placed on the engine. So, if you’re looking for something extra from your engine, and it’s more than eight to ten years old or has more than 150,000 km on the clock, you should really be looking at a complete rebuild.


Sure, a complete engine rebuild will be more expensive than swapping out a camshaft and changing the lifters. But it will certainly be a lot cheaper than paying big money for a few mods only to find out a little further down the track that you’ll have to start all over again with a complete rebuild to fix the issues that should have be dealt with in the beginning.


So, to make it easier for our customers, we’ve created a series of performance rebuild packages, starting with the Chev LS series engines. Each package has been carefully designed to deliver a strong and reliable performance engine, well suited for its intended purpose. So check out our options, one of them is sure to be right for you.

Chev LS Series Stage 1

A great entry-level engine for your daily driver or for those on a budget. Rebuilt from the bottom up using only quality components, it will deliver strong, flexible performance and good drivability. This package includes the following:


  • For the bottom end, we’ll crack test and if necessary, regrind the crankshaft and fit new King main and conrod bearings. We’ll also fit a new Melling standard volume oil pump.
  • The block will be chemical cleaned and bored and honed to the next available oversize. On LS1 engines we’ll fit new Speed Pro pistons, Hypatec pistons in LS2s and Silvolite pistons in LS3s.  All engines will get Hastings rings and a Durabond cam bearing set. Standard cam will remain, but we’ll fit new Delphi hydraulic roller lifters and a new Crow Cams single row timing chain kit.
  • Heads will be completely disassembled, cleaned and de-carboned. We’ll recut the valve seats, re-face the valves and face the head surfaces. Heads will then be assembled with new AA Permaseal valve stem seals.
  • Engine will be assembled with an AA Permaseal gasket set, including steel head gaskets and AA Permaseal head bolts (Durapro head bolts on LS3 engines).
  • On the outside, your new engine will get a new Ryco oil filter, NGK spark plugs and leads, new PAT ignition coils, new Gates drive belts and Dayco drive belt tensioners.
  • To make sure the cooling system is up to the task, we’ll fit a new GMB water pump and a new Tridon thermostat and housing and a new Tridon radiator cap. LS3 engines will get a new GM water pump and thermostat. We’ll also test and clean your radiator.
  • To help it all breathe, we’ve also included a Mace OTR cold air intake and a cat back exhaust system with sports mufflers.
  • And once the engine is back in the car, a custom dyno tune.


To give you a fast turn-around, LS1s are currently available on an exchange basis. Simply order your engine in advance and, once we have it ready, we’ll bring your car in for the change-over. If you have any other LS series engine, we’ll rebuild the engine in your car.


For Active Fuel Management (AFM) engines, we can either rebuild these with new AFM lifters or convert the engine to non-AFM (sometimes called a displacement on demand (DOD) delete).

Chev LS Series Stage 2

For those wanting a bit extra. The stage two package includes everything in the stage one offering, along with a Crow Cams camshaft and Crow conical valve springs. Also included is a full sports exhaust system with Pacemaker headers, hi-flow cats and 3” pipes.


With a mild cam, this option will produce 370 rwhp in a very drivable package. And it will still work well with your stock drivetrain. A bigger cam will produce even more power, but keep in mind that you will need to consider a bigger clutch if you are running a manual box or a hi-stall converter and maybe some other box mods if you are running an auto.


For Active Fuel Management (AFM) engines, we can either rebuild these with new AFM lifters and a Crow AFM performance cam or convert the engine to non-AFM.


As an optional extra for a bit of extra flow, we can also offer a FAST intake manifold with a FAST 92mm throttle body. And on LS1 and LS2 engines, we are also offering FAST billet fuel rails.


Chev LS Series Stage 3

A serious, purpose built high performance engine package, built from the bottom up to deliver consistently strong and reliable performance. This package has the following changes from the stage two build:


  • CNC ported heads with Crow Cams dual valve springs, performance retainers and locks, and Crow Cams LS rocker bush trunnion kit
  • For the rest of the valve train, Crow Cams Super Duty pushrods and GM OEM LS7 lifters and guides. We’ll also fit a Coyles billet timing gear set with nine-key heat treated crank gear, and an ARP cam sprocket bolt kit
  • Pistons are upgraded to Mahle Motorsport forged pistons and rings
  • Main and conrod bearings are upgraded to King Racing Xtreme Performance. Cam bearings are upgraded to Durabond Performance.
  • Powerbond race performance harmonic balancer and ARP bolt kit
  • Oil pump is upgraded to a GM Performance high volume oil pump
  • Ignition leads are upgraded to NGK Performance. LS1s will also receive ICE ignition coils
  • Fully balance the rotating assembly


As an optional extra for even more flow, we can also offer a FAST intake manifold with either a FAST 92mm or 102mm throttle body (depending on cam selection). FAST billet fuel rails are also available for LS1 and LS2 engines.


This package is available only as a non-AFM engine. AFM engines will also need a replacement valley cover and bolts to complete the DOD delete.

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