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Chevrolet L98 Winch Truck Engine

This one was a genuine custom race engine build. The brief from the customer was to rebuild the L98 into a powerful, reliable and flexible engine suitable for this unique category (see https://www.wtc4x4.com.au for details). For reliability, we went with King engine bearings, SRP forged pistons, Chev LS7 O.E. lifters and Lunati pushrods. We retained the rocker arms that were supplied with the engine. The good people at Crow Cams helped us fulfil the power and flexibility brief by supplying us with an “unlisted” grind designed to deliver strong torque across the rev range. A lot of time and care went into this engine. Check out our blog at to read about what goes into building an engine like this one.

Nissan Navara ZD30

The Nissan ZD30 3.0 litre direct injection diesel engines are quite common in Australia. Nissan used them in both Navaras and Patrols from 20xx to 20yy, and while there’re not a bad engine as such, earlier examples are starting to get a little tired. This one was using a little coolant when we got it. We though head gasket, maybe cracked head. And unfortunately, while both issues were present, problems with the direct injection system had resulted in more serious damage. The result was a complete rebuild with new head, pistons, rings, bearings etc., as well as a remanufactured fuel pump and injectors. Read our blog at for the full story on this engine.

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Holden Monaro LS1 Performance Rebuild

A great example of a strong, flexible street performance engine for a reasonable price. The car was originally booked in camshaft, lifters, valve springs and a dyno tune. But a quick check on arrival revealed low compression in two cylinders and low oil pressure, so the customer settled on a full rebuild. Once completed, the car made 370 h.p. at the rear wheels, but just as importantly, pulled strongly from just above idle. Just what you need to deliver that “pressed back against the seat” feeling when you get on the throttle. Check out our blog at for more detail on this build.

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Massey Ferguson FE35

One of our most interesting projects in some time. The customer was restoring his grand old Massey Ferguson, and wanted the engine rebuilt before restoring the rest of the tractor. The original Standard 23C engine was still in good condition, but was difficult to start as it had lost most of its compression. The owner kept a can of Start Ya Bastard (yes, there is such a thing!) close at hand for every start.

Rebuilding these engines is a little different from more modern diesels, as the block is designed to be easily re-sleeved rather then re-bored. So in went new bearings, piston, rings and cylinder sleeves. Valve springs were a little saggy and the valves were excessively worn, so these were replaced as well. The result, a 60+ year old diesel engine that now starts easily without needing the magical can. First time, every time!

Skoda Superb 1.8L TSI

After a little over 240,000 kms, this engine had simply worn out. It was using about a litre of oil a week and had completely fouled a set of plugs after only 1,500 km. Worn valve stem seals and rings were the obvious culprits, and this was confirmed once the engine was stripped down. Just one problem, despite this engine being used across the VW family in various Skoda, VW and Audi models, aftermarket parts were hard to come by and genuine parts were ridiculously over-priced. In the end we were able to source most of the parts from a combination of four different suppliers, except for pistons. Reusing the original ones was out of the question as the pistons to bore clearances were too great, so in the end we settled on a custom made forged set from JE Pistons. And while these were certainly expensive, they were still less than a third of the cost of the genuine article. The result, engine runs like new again and a very happy owner.


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