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372 ci Holden V8

A very special engine for a very special car.  This one now resides back in its origional home, a genuine VL HDT Commodore. Built and installed by The Torque Team, it features hand finished Torque Power heads, match ported and hand finished Torque Power manifold, forged internals, priority main oiling system modifications and a host of other features.

It made 595 hp and 490 ft/lb on the engine dyno. Matched up with the standard five speed manual, it really is a great package.

381ci Holden V8

This one is a brand new, custom built street/race engine capable of high nine second quarter mile times in an LH Torana, while being able to do plenty of street cruising on pump 98.  This engine has some nice components such as a Jesel rocker arm system, Oliver conrods and Savy external oil pump. There are also a host of custom components such as CP custom pistons, custom grind Crane street roller camshaft and in-house designed custom priority main oiling system.

Induction is taken care of with a pair of Come Racing cylinder heads and Torque Power manifold , all hand ported and flow tested in house-in by Pete.

This one made 675 hp and 518 ft/bs on a conservative tune on pump 98, and 708 hp and 544 ft/lbs on race fuel with a race tune.

Hot 202

One we built for a HZ panel van. With a big cam, Yella Terra cylinder head, triple Webers and a fully balanced rotating assembly, this really is a special engine. Other features include ARP main studs, head studs and conrod bolts, ACL Race Series conrod bearings, all upgraded valve train components, electronic distributor and lightweight aluminum flywheel and heavy-duty clutch.

We also converted the van from auto to manual, adding in a four-speed box and hydraulic clutch kit. All in all, a great nostalgic package perfectly suited to a ‘70s era van.

Chevrolet L98 Winch Truck Engine

This one was a genuine custom race engine build. The brief from the customer was to rebuild the L98 into a powerful, reliable and flexible engine suitable for this unique category. For reliability, we went with King engine bearings, SRP forged pistons, Chev LS7 O.E. lifters and Lunati pushrods. We retained the rocker arms that were supplied with the engine. The good people at Crow Cams helped us fulfil the power and flexibility brief by supplying us with an “unlisted” grind designed to deliver strong torque across the rev range. A lot of time and care went into this engine which paid off for owners.


This TTRS engine seized at Queensland Raceway from oil starvation.  The engine was removed from the car and disassembled by another workshop before coming to The Torque Team in about half a dozen boxes.  We brought in a new Audi crankshaft and main bearings from Germany, gaskets from the UK and JE Pistons and Carillo rods from the States to beef up the bottom end. Thank goodness for modern air freight!

Once assembled, we installed the engine back in the car, added a phase one tune and sent it on its way. It never made the dyno, but we estimate it was making around 300 hp. Not bad for a 2.5 litre five-cylinder engine.

Carby LS1

An old-school take on a modern aluminum V8. Built for a HR Holden ute, this one is a standard spec LS1 bottom end with a VCM cam and spring package, Quick Fuel Q-Series carb, Edelbrock manifold and MSD ignition controller. It made a quite respectable 453 hp and 409 ft/lbs on the engine dyno but we reckon we can easily achieve 500+ hp with ported cylinder heads and a few other tweaks.

But the biggest advantage of this package is ease of installation.  Because the fuel and ignition system are all self-contained on the engine, all that’s needed is to hook up fuel supply, alternator and three wires for the ignition and you’re ready to go.  All the advantages of a light-weight aluminum V8 without the hassles of wiring in an ECU.


Lambretta Special

This ‘66 Lambretta Special was certainly a great looking scooter on the outside. But unfortunately, the mechanicals were far from perfect on the inside.  This was one of those jobs where the further we dug, the more issues we found.  What started as a simple task to replace a broken final drive cover turned into a full rebuild as we uncovered a multitude of issues during disassembly.

But John was up to the task. He replaced the barrel, piston and rings, crankshaft assembly and gearbox and clutch components, along with the broken final drive cover. He also set up the gearbox and clutch, carb and throttle cable so it all worked like new. The mechanicals finally matched the rest of the scooter, giving its owner many years of weekend riding pleasure.


BMW 335i 3.0L twin turbo

Another example of superb German engineering – an all aluminum in-line six-cylinder engine with twin turbos.  These ones made 225 kW from the factory.

This one overheated and was brought to us for inspection and resolution. We removed the engine and cylinder head and thankfully, the bottom end was OK, saving the owner a full rebuild.  But the head definitely needed some TLC.  In addition to the overheating damage, most of the valve guides were excessively worn and in need of replacement. New guides were sourced from CHE Performance Auto and inserted as part of a full cylinder head reco.

This one went back together as standard spec, but it was still a real pleasure to work such an advanced engine.


Nissan Navara ZD30

We’ve done quite a few ZD30s, both for Patrols and Navaras. And other than the gear driven fuel pump set-up, they are a fairly straight-forward engine to rebuild. But the biggest problem with these old engines is the direct injection fuel pump.  They don’t age very well and lose their ability to correctly time the injection pulse, causing excessive cylinder pressures that crack cylinder heads and burn pistons. And this is exactly what happened to this engine.

The owner of this Navara was looking to set up his vehicle for a trip around Australia’s back roads. So we rebuilt the engine with a remanufactured pump and injectors and fitted it back in the vehicle along with a Stienbauer control module for a bit of extra power and torque.  The engine performed faultlessly on the trip, clocking 10,000 km towing a camper trailer and carrying a tinnie on the roof. Here’s a pic of the engine after we serviced the Navara on its return.


CBR 250 Cylinder Head

Pete normally spends his time working the massive ports on conventional pushrod two valve V8 heads. So working the tiny ports on this four valve 250 cc engine was a bit of a challenge! Despite this, Pete still managed to get a substantial improvement over the stock ports.

But the flow results also showed us it isn’t just about the ports.  By back cutting the inlet valves, Pete was able to achieve a substantial flow improvement further down the rev range. On the road, this translates to a flatter torque and better throttle response at low and mid-range RPM.

LS1 Monaro

We’ve done a few of these over the last few years. A lot of the recent Monaros are starting to push over 200,000 km and are getting to that stage where the engines are tired, and their owners are looking for more performance.  This one is a good example.

It originally arrived for a camshaft upgrade, but initial testing revealed low oil pressure and low cylinder pressures. After delivering the news to the customer, he agreed to a full rebuild.  This one was a mild build, with the aim being to produce a nice drivable package that works well with the standard gearbox and converter.  So we rebuilt the bottom end to standard spec, fitted an mildish Crow cam, LS7 lifters and upgraded Crow valve springs.

The outcome was a nice drivable package that made 370 rear wheel HP on the dyno.

Ford 260

This customer has two old Fords, a ‘62 Fairlane and an XT Falcon that he and his wife campaign in the annual NSW Variety Club Bash. The Fairlane is fitted with the 260 and the Falcon has the 250. He was very specific about his requirements: a strong and very reliable engine but with good power and torque available from about 1,200 rpm, perfect for powering out of creek and gulley crossings

The little Ford V8 was fully rebuilt with a standard spec bottom end, mild Crow camshaft, oversize valves and a mild port job on the heads.  Along with a 350 Holley and electronic ignition it made the perfect engine for the Bash.

Ford 250 2V

The 2V was the second engine for the Bash customer.  This one was a little more challenging as parts are becoming difficult to source. Pistons were particularly difficult as we wanted to achieve a reasonable compression ratio and the ones we needed were quite difficult to obtain. But we finally managed to track down an ACL Duralite set that met our specifications.

Like the 260, we finished the engine with a mild Crow cam, oversize valves and a mild port job on the cylinder head.  The owner fitted the engine to the car with a 350 Holley and a good set of extractors.  Neither of these engines have been on the dyno, but the customer reckons that the 250 outperformed the 260 on the Bash!

Massey Ferguson FE35

One of our most interesting projects in some time. The customer was restoring his grand old Massey Ferguson, and wanted the engine rebuilt before restoring the rest of the tractor. The original Standard 23C engine was still in good condition, but was difficult to start as it had lost most of its compression. The owner kept a can of Start Ya Bastard (yes, there is such a thing!) close at hand for every start.

Rebuilding these engines is a little different from more modern diesels, as the block is designed to be easily re-sleeved rather then re-bored. So in went new bearings, piston, rings and cylinder sleeves. Valve springs were a little saggy and the valves were excessively worn, so these were replaced as well. The result, a 60+ year old diesel engine that now starts easily without needing the magical can. First time, every time!

Ford Windsor 347

This engine lives in a ‘73 Ford Mustang and had been recently rebuilt by another engine builder. After about 5,000 miles it stated blowing smoke and oil consumption started to increase. An initial inspection revealed half the spark plugs were fouled and low compression in about half the cylinders. We removed and stripped the engine and found a few assembly problems. These included: incorrect honing method (too shallow) prevented the rings from bedding in properly; deep score marks in one cylinder from insufficient ring gaps; poor valve train alignment; incorrect hydraulic lifters and some crankshaft journal ovality.

We had the block bored and honed, crankshaft reground and fitted up new pistons and rings, engine bearings and tie-bar hydraulic lifters. We re-assembled the engine and sent it off to the dyno for testing, where it made 407 hp and 397 ft/lbs of torque. It’s now happily back in the Mustang and running like a dream.

Jeep AMC 360

Not to be confused with a Chrysler 360. Same capacity, very different engine.  This one came out of a ‘79 Jeep that the owner’s Dad had been driving since new. Although it was still in running condition, it was certainly in need of some TLC. We gave the engine a full rebuild, some mild port work on the heads and fitted it up with a mild cam, Edlebrock manifold and a nice set of imported stainless steel headers.

A great package that preserved the drivability of the original Jeep engine while adding responsiveness and power in all the right places.

Ford Sierra 2.3 Turbo

This would have to be our most challenging engine yet! A complete restoration and rebuild on this Ford Sierra 2.3L turbo. This was a US delivered car and the engine was unique to that market, and very different from the European delivered Sierras.

What started as an external tidy-up ended up as a complete rebuild.  The more we delved into the engine, the more issues we found. Almost all parts had to be specially sourced and imported from the US, from pistons and rings, right down to spark plug leads and timing belt. Quite a challenge but very satisfying in the end.


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