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Engine leaking oil? Sick and tired of cleaning your garage or driveway?

At The Torque Team, we can fix any oil leak. Using only the highest quality gaskets and seals, along with our specialist engine expertise, you can be confident that our repairs will last.

Engine oil leaks can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common one is simply age.  Most engine gaskets and seals are rubber based, and over time, the gaskets harden and lose their ability to effectively seal the mating surfaces.  When this happens, oil will leak past the gasket and eventually onto your garage floor.

But oil leaks are more than just a cleaning problem.  Leaking engine oil can get into the wrong places and cause further damage.  Electrical components like alternators are especially venerable to engine oil, and most cooling system hoses will likewise suffer from oil contamination.  So if you do spot those annoying oil stains on your driveway, get us to check it out as soon as possible, before a small leak turns into a bigger problem.

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