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The Torque Team is a group of highly skilled Brisbane mechanics. to many residents living on the Southside of Brisbane for over forty years. We take pride in our vehicle work, providing a professional service at a reasonable price. We’ve been providing auto repairs and servicing to residents and business owners on the Southside of Brisbane for over forty years. We take pride in providing professional vehicle services at highly competitive prices.

Our qualified Brisbane mechanics deliver exceptional customer service. Whether you need a car service or mechanical repair, our customer-centric Brisbane automotive workshop ensures a great experience. You can rest assured that your car service and maintenance will be carried out by one of the best automotive repair and service workshops in the greater Brisbane area.

If you’re after a qualified mechanic in Brisbane that delivers quality workmanship at affordable prices, give us a call.

Brisbane Mechanics for Car Service & Repairs

Our reliable Brisbane mechanics provide the full range of automotive repairs and servicing to all vehicles. We use only the best quality parts and deliver excellent service, on time, every time.

logbook writing

Our certified Brisbane mechanics will ensure that your logbook service includes high quality parts and meets manufacturer specifications in all aspects. Experience the difference our high service standards make to your vehicle.

car air conditionier service

We pay attention to the tiny details other aircon repairers often overlook to ensure that your car air conditioning system is working as effectively and efficiently as possible.

steering and suspension upgrade

Our steering and suspensions team will diagnose and repair any steering and suspension issues and carry out wheel alignment to ensure that your vehicle operates as safely as possible.

4wd car

Our Brisbane-based 4WD and diesel servicing team provides top-level mechanical repairs and automotive servicing. So, your diesel monster/fourby won’t let you down – even on the toughest terrain.

car brakes

Need a Brisbane mechanic you can rely on to check and repair your brake system? With our specialist services, you’ll be confident that your brakes will keep you safe on the road.

fleet of trucks

If you’re a Brisbane fleet owner, you can rely on our team to carry out all the servicing, repairs, and maintenance needed to stay operational and compliant, and ensure driver safety.

Brisbane Tuning & Performance

In addition to vehicle service and maintenance, our team of Brisbane mechanics specialises in vehicle tuning and performance.

Our Brisbane vehicle tuning and performance specialists offer a wide range of tuning and performance service options. You can rely on us to get your pride and joy running the way you always dreamed she would.

Person Doing Mechanic Work

As Brisbane’s leading and only ATF-Remapping dealer, we deliver the top-shelf refinement required to provide you with the best driving experience. Our Brisbane mechanics deliver ECU Mapping that ensures high-level performance at a competitive price.

People Doing Mechanic Work

Love the look, feel, and performance you get with great suspension? Let our team of Brisbane automotive performance specialists help you find the ideal suspension upgrade to get the most out of your ride.

Get the best Brisbane mechanic services in the business

Our Brisbane mechanics have been servicing and repairing all vehicle types for over 40 years. Our Mansfield workshop is known for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

How much do mechanics charge per hour in Australia?

Prices vary considerably depending on which Brisbane mechanic you choose. At the top end, prestige dealer workshops may charge as much as $250 p/h.

On the lower end, single-person mobile mechanics or back yarders charge about $80 p/h. 

Most workshop-based (as opposed to mobile) independent mechanics charge around $120 to $160 p/h. The Torque Team currently charges $155 p/h.

Person Doing Mechanic Work Under a Car
Person Doing Mechanic Work Under a Car

How do I find a good local mechanic?

The best way to find a reliable mechanic in Brisbane and surrounds is to get a recommendation from someone you know and trust.

If you’re unable to do that, try using Google search and reading the reviews for your local mechanics. Google reviews will give you a good indication of the service levels people have experienced at particular workshops.

It’s important to also ring up and speak to the workshop manager before making your booking. Ask them questions and gauge how comfortable you while talking to  them. If you’re at all in doubt about them, their knowledge and expertise, move on to someone else.

How much is a car service in Brisbane?

We first need to define “car service” to answer this question. To some people, a “car service” is just a change of the engine oil and filter. This is sometimes called a “basic service” or “oil service.”

Hardly any workshops do this level of servicing. For most workshops, a base-level (aka elementary) service will also include a vehicle check as part of the service, and the extent of this check, along with the quality of the parts and fluids, will determine the total price of the service.

You can expect to pay about $150 for an elementary service with low-quality parts and fluids. For an elementary service that includes an extensive check and premium parts and fluids, the cost will be around $500. Vehicle type also plays a role in the cost of a service. For example, a Ford Ranger 4WD needs 1.75 hours of checking time and 10 litres of engine oil , whereas a VW Polo only needs 1.5 hours and 4 litres of engine oil. Service prices will vary accordingly.

When it comes to logbook servicing , each vehicle manufacturer has  specific requirements that cover which components and/or fluids must be inspected and/or changed at particular intervals. These services may vary in price from $300 to $1,500, depending on the vehicle make, year and model, manufacturer specifications, cost of vehicle parts, and the type and number of things that must be checked and adjusted.

Take a look at this video in which we’ll explain how you can tell which type of service is right for your vehicle and when.

Servicing Your Car – What service is right for my car? – YouTube.

Employee Working on a Car Wheel
Employee working in Front Of Car

How do you know if your mechanic is scamming you?

There are a few different ways that unscrupulous mechanics can take advantage.

First up is the lazy mechanic. This workshop charges to check over your car during a service but doesn’t actually do the checking. There are ways to find out if this has been done or not. Some questions to ask include:

  • Have your tyre pressures been adjusted?
  • Do all the vehicle lights work?
  • Are there oil leaks that were not reported by the mechanic?

If you notice anything that’s not quite right after your vehicle has been serviced, it’s time to get in touch with a more reputable automotive service and repair company.

Secondly, there’s the “overachiever”. These mechanics love to carry out  unnecessary repairs. If your mechanic is recommending a repair, they should be able to clearly explain:

  • why the repair is needed
  • what the job involves,
  • what benefits you will get from the repair (e.g., improved safety, reliability, etc.)
  • what the consequences might be if you don’t go ahead with the repair.

Don’t be afraid to prompt them to explain these things. Ask questions and, if you don’t feel you’re getting a straight answer, don’t hesitate to seek a second opinion.

Thirdly, there’s the “bull” mechanic; so named because (you guessed it) they charge like raging bulls. The best way to avoid the risk of being overcharged by these guys is to ring around for at least another quote or two on the recommended repairs.

Just keep in mind that (mostly) you will get what your pay for in terms of workmanship, parts quality and after sales support. So, if the price is a bit high, but you know and trust the dealer, it might be worth your while to accept their price.

To be sure of the best deal, get your comparative quotes from only reputable dealers (with good reviews and preferably recommendations from your friends, colleagues or family members).

Why Don’t People Trust Mechanics?

Cars are standard everyday machines. Almost every adult has at least one. They know how to use them and they do so almost daily. But cars are also very complex machines, and few customers understand exactly how they work even at a conceptual level. This gap in understanding leads people to be suspicious of mechanics in a number of ways.

  • No way of verifying what the mechanic is telling them

    Because customers don’t know exactly how cars work, they don’t really have a way of verifying what the mechanic is telling them about their cars. An internet search may help, but the results can often yield more opinions than facts, and sometimes unearth conflicting theories that leave them even more confused than before.

  • Lack of in-depth knowledge of safety requirements

    Customers also generally have different ideas about the safety requirements of their vehicles compared to safety-certified mechanics. They might think ‘The car drives okay, so it must be safe.’

    But the mechanic knows that for the car to be safe, it has to perform in emergency conditions. Based on their advanced knowledge, mechanics tend to recommend specific repairs that will ensure the best levels of safety.

    This may include replacing worn suspension components , so the driver can brake effectively or swerve safely when trying to avoid an accident, or replacing faulty wiper blades, so the driver can see where they’re going in the rain.

  • Unrealistic expectations of how long vehicle components will last

    It’s also easy for customers to have unrealistic expectations around how long their cars will continue to perform reliably. This is especially true for prestige car owners who have paid a hefty sum for their cars.

    Mechanics are aware that regardless of make, model or price, modern cars, whether petrol or diesel operated, are designed to perform within spec for 10–12 years, which equates to roughly 150,000 km to 200,000 km of driving – provided they have been properly maintained.

    Beyond this point, components begin to wear out and fail, sometimes unpredictably. Without this insight into the longevity of their vehicles, customers often get cranky when their reliable old workhorse, long-time family car or prized classic suddenly needs a string of pricey repairs.

  • Communication gaps between mechanics and their customers

    Mechanics are specialists in their fields, but many of them are not great at communicating their specialist knowledge to people outside of the industry. So, they may have trouble explaining the problems they have diagnosed in a vehicle in ways that the customer understands. This can make the customer suspicious and leads them to think that the mechanic is scamming them, when in actual fact the mechanic is a good one.

  • Not appreciating how difficult it is to diagnose automotive issues

    Another bugbear that causes friction is that many customers expect a “free quote” for a repair. What few customers understand is that it can take hours for a mechanic to identify what needs to be repaired to resolve the issue.

    Some problems may have several possible causes, and these all have to be tested and eliminated before the mechanic can diagnose the exact cause and recommend a repair. 

    Sometimes, individual parts may need to be removed and inspected. At other times, the only way to find out whether or not the part is faulty is to replace it and see whether the fault goes away. 

    This process takes time and can be pretty frustrating for the customer, especially when they end up spending a lot of money just to find out what’s wrong with the car. Without proper understanding of how mechanics are required to work, the customer may think that the mechanic is incompetent simply because they can’t immediately work out what’s wrong with the vehicle.

    As a workaround, some mechanics will try and avoid this “diagnostic” issue by taking an educated guess and recommending a repair straight off the bat. The problem with this approach is that, if the repair doesn’t fix the fault, the customer will lose faith in the mechanic.


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