Steering and suspension giving you a hard time?

Stay safe on the road. Let our skilled technicians make sure your car handles well, responds correctly.

Steering & Suspension Systems

Steering & Suspension Systems

Is your car rocking and rolling, bouncing and bumping? Dipping and diving when you brake? Save those moves for the dancefloor! Get your steering and suspension systems checked. Our skilled technicians will identify the issue. We’ll repair it using premium parts. You’ll feel the difference when your car handles well and responds correctly.

With regular servicing by our qualified team, you’ll drive away with confidence knowing you and your loved ones are that much safer on the road.

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Performance is so much more than a set of numbers. It is a a process of refining specific performance parameters to produce a driving experience to suit your specific needs. At the Torque team our experienced team take the time to listen to your needs so we can develop a package that’s right for you.


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