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If you need engine work for your special car, 4WD or even your tractor, you’re at the right place.

The Torque Team has been in the motoring service industry since 1974, and anyone that has been helped by us will tell you that our success is due to the fact that we don’t just have an interest in cars and engines, we have a passion for them.

Since our inception, The Torque Team has made it our mission to become one of the best car servicing and repair institutions in the greater Brisbane area by offering exceptional service to our clients. We also have one of the best engine builders in the business on staff, which means your car will benefit from years of combined experience and knowledge.

At The Torque Team we understand that your vehicle is not like standard stock, and requires a much more delicate touch, and attention to detail that few other Brisbane-based car service institutions can offer.

Our specialist performance and project engine offering:

  • We offer excellent engine reconditioning services for unique or older cars, small trucks or tractors, or as part of a restoration project.
  • We also provide specialist engine and cylinder head repairs for these same vehicles.
  • Effective performance upgrades for both older and late model engines.
  • Specialist cylinder head work such as porting and polishing, valve and valve seat refinishing and flow bench testing.
  • Swapping late model engines into early model cars.
  • If you are also an engine guru, and want to install your own engine, we can provide you with performance engines that are either built to spec, or built to order and are shipped to you for installation.

Our repair policy:

  • When you bring your special vehicle to The Torque Team, we don’t just dive in and start working on it. The first thing we do, is sit down with you and have a chat to fully come to grips with the needs and objectives you have for your vehicle.
  • Once we fully understand what you need from us, we start a diagnosis and get a list together of possible repair or upgrade options. As the owner of your beloved vehicle, we know that you want to be kept in the loop throughout the entire process.
  • Our standard policy is to never do unquoted work on an engine, or work that wasn’t specifically asked for by our clients. We will follow your instructions to the letter when it comes to any engine we work on – especially a performance or unique engine.
  • If we determine that replacements to the engine need to be made, we will also involve you in every step of the procurement process, ensuring that your unique engine gets the specific part you want for its build.
  • When we are finished, we thoroughly test the engine to ensure that it will meet your exacting standards. 

Bringing your performance or project engine to The Torque Team is akin to bringing it to a repair team that is as passionate about cars as you are, and we will treat your project with the same care you do.

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